Floral Collage Wire Dress Form

At the beginning of this COVID-19 quarantine, I began creating this floral collage dress form. Ever since Coronavirus came to Chicago and Governor Pritzker instituted Shelter-in-Place, I’ve been looking for ways I can be creative at home. I found this wire dress form but didn’t have any flowers or plants to decorate it with as […]


Summertime On Hood St.

For this project we had free to reign reinvent the curb appeal of the front yard and the living space in the back. We kept the aesthetic natural with our signature touch of contrast with blood pigments. We created a structure that is inviting and pastoral.



I often pause during my neighborhood walks, overcome by the fragrance of lilacs.  Many of the blooms are gone now, and those that remain are faded, but they still have that lovely, evocative smell. It transports me back to other springtimes, to the verdant backyard of my grandparents’ tidy white bungalow. Lilacs seem to evoke the […]


Time to Plan, Not Plant!

The daffodils are up, along with hyacinths and gorgeous tulips.  Magnolias and forsythia are blossoming.  You see them on the street and, even more intensely, at the plant and gardening store.  After this seemingly endless winter, the urge to plant is strong. Keep in mind though, that soil temperatures change much more slowly than air […]


Get Ready to Thaw!

What a crazy winter! I’m sure we are all looking forward to SUNSHINE. I know I am. These dreary days are getting to me. I just need a little sun to help my mood along with my other fellow-sufferers. The good news is, spring is coming! There is no time like the present to start […]